Leslie Sharpe (b.1987)
Working on a Saturday, 2018
HD Video, 30 Minutes, Looped

Hello, I’m Leslie Sharpe.

In everything I do I seek the line between what I know and what I don’t. I feel this is the most interesting place to be, as uncomfortable as possible. 

I’ve got plus-minus 10 years experience thinking for local and global brands. I’m passionate about solving hard problems with compelling ideas.

An art director by trade, these days I feel ever more comfortable with thinking, art direction, writing, designing and strategy.

I like working for people and places where my energy goes into making the work as good as possible, not the other stuff.

In my spare time I carry a camera most places, seek out interesting people and practice mindfulness and meditation daily which binds every element in my life together... and try to avoid sugar. 

    ︎Cannes Gold Lion
    ︎Cannes Silver Lion
    ︎Cannes Bronze Lion
    ︎Cannes Finalist x 4
    ︎D&AD Graphite Pencil x 2 
    ︎D&AD Wood Pencil x 2
    ︎D&AD Finalist x 2
    ︎AWARD Silver Pencil x 5
    ︎AWARD Bronze Pencil x 4
    ︎One Show Finalist x 2
    ︎Spikes Gold Innovation
    ︎Spikes Bronze x 2
    ︎Spikes Finalist x 10
    ︎FWA Site of the Day
    ︎Webby Finalist
    ︎Beazley Product Design of the Year
    ︎Edison Awards Bronze

    ︎Most Contagious London
    ︎London Design Museum
    ︎Art Gallery of NSW
    ︎A Type Of Show

Selected Press
    ︎It’s Nice That 1
    ︎Wired 1
    ︎Fast Company 1, 2
    ︎CNN 1
    ︎The Guardian 1
    ︎Contagious Magazine 1
    ︎Complex Mag 1
    ︎Creators Project 1
    ︎Business Insider 1
    ︎Cool Hunting 1, 2
    ︎Creative Review 1
    ︎Hype Beast 1, 2
    ︎Creativity 1, 2, 3
    ︎Adnews 1

Currently working on something most days but always up for a chat. 

Please reach out at:
    ︎+61 466 286 739



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