In everything I do I seek the line between what I know and what I don’t. 

I’ve got plus-minus 10 years experience thinking for local and global brands. I’m passionate about solving hard problems with compelling solutions.

An art director by trade, these days I feel ever more comfortable with thinking, art direction, directing film, writing, graphic design, 3D rendering, experience design, and strategy. 

I really like working for people and places where my energy goes into making the work as good as possible, not the other stuff.

My current priority is to build brands, products and services from the ground up, end-to-end. 

Day-to-day I am doing just that as a co-founder and creative director of a DTC men’s wellness company and in-between I consult on other startups and interesting creative opportunities.

In my spare time I carry a camera most places, seek out interesting people and practice mindfulness and meditation daily which binds every element in my life together.